Soft-Launching the New SHAYNEGRYN.COM

Some time at the end of January I made the decision to retire my old website “” in favour of a new version that would inspire me to generate more content and engage in more social media.

For some context, the old site was run on Drupal. Installing it was an achievement, and getting it up and running required climbing an extremely steep learning curve which I am proud to have done. I’ll preface this by saying Drupal is great. It’s powerful and robust and can do pretty much anything. Using it has made me a better person. But my needs, in the last few years, have changed.

When I first created SHAYNEGRYN.COM, I had two goals. One was to create an awesome musicians website where I can showcase my music and let people know about my upcoming shows. The other was to level up my marketable skills as a network admin and computer guy, first by installing a LAMP server running Ubuntu, then by learning the ins and outs of Drupal. I like to think that I accomplished both of these goals.

At the time, I chose Drupal over WordPress based on extensive research and an assessment of my goals. Some colleagues of mine used Drupal for their websites and, as predicted, learning the skills would prove invaluable for helping them out professionally.

But SHAYNEGRYN.COM is no longer a pet project and learning experience for me. It’s time to move on. Weighing the options of updating and maintaining Drupal and tweaking it to just the way I want it vs. switching to WordPress and having it 95% there, and a heck of a lot slicker and user-friendly, I chose WordPress. My priority was no longer from the perspective of the administrator of the site, but as the primary user who wants thinks to work simply, efficiently, and with a minimal amount of wrestling with code.

So welcome to my new website. I have not even begun migrating the old content, save a few videos, but have plans to eventually, once I settle how and where I want to host my music files. Bandcamp vs. Soundcloud weighs heavily on my head right now.

Speaking of things that weigh heavily on my head, over the last couple of years, I’ve become a lot more engaged in politics and activism. So with this new website, I’m effectively re-branding myself no longer just as a musician-composer-singer-theatre-and-burlesque-producer, but as a musician-composer-singer-theatre-and-burlesque-producer-activist-comic-writer-feminist-blogger-social-justice-advocate-star-trek-fan.

Beyond just writing about myself and music, as part of this site, I’ve started a feminist blog, star trek blog, and webcomic. And this is just some of the regular content I will be posting on this site. There are more new features to come in the near future.

While we’re at it, check out Shayne Gryn Productions, which will be soon populated with historical data of previous productions.

So here we are on WordPress. This is the soft-launch because “SHAYNEGRYN.COM” still points to the old site. For now, is the main url for my activities until the migration is complete and I switch the domain name over.

Thanks for tuning in.

Let’s be friends.


One response to “Soft-Launching the New SHAYNEGRYN.COM

  1. I very much enjoy this website. It’s nice to see happy boat again, and your writing is always interesting. Well done old friend!

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