To Be Almost Grown

To Be Almost Grown


Well I had a lot of time to think it over
I spent a lot of time by myself
You know I could have been worrying about the way things might have been
Or worrying about the way things might turn out

Well I meet a lot of people
And I make a lot of friends
None of them can tell me
What lies around the bend

Don’t tell me tomorrow
Won’t be like today
This pain and this sorrow
Won’t just walk away

Every morning I stop and I count my blessings
And I think they add up to a lot
I may not be in the best vantage to judge
But I sure as hell could be a lot worse off

Well I know I hurt some people
And I’ve been hurt in kind
And I’ve broken some hearts
And some broke mine

And each time it hurt
A little less than before
Until one day I just
Didn’t hurt anymore

So now I’m just counting the days and passing the hours
Waiting for a day when things turn out alright
You lose control when you learn your hands are tied
And I know that my hands are tied tight

Some things are bigger
Than you can know
You just have to accept it
You just have to let go

The future’s uncertain
The past is unknown
I guess that’s what it means
To be almost grown


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