I haven’t forgotten you.

A thought has been entering my mind with increasing frequency these past few months, which is “geez, I haven’t posted to my blog in a while.” 

Yup. My website’s gotten a little out of date. No new posts, songs, comics, etc. which contrasts the flurry of activity that followed the redesign of this site. 

I have my reasons. My reasons are valid. And I don’t feel bad about this. But, in case you’re wondering, I feel that now might be a decent time to shed some light. 

When I redesigned my site, and focused my energies on writing and creating on-line content, it was at a time where I didn’t have the flexibility in my life to be productive in ways that meant leaving the house. With a few notable exceptions, at the start of 2013 I drastically reduced the number of performances and projects I was involved in. So I devoted my time and attention to writing and blogging, two things I enjoy deeply, and find very gratifying.

I’ve since regained some of the liberties that have allowed me to engage in projects that are more tangible in nature, and rely less on sitting in front of my computer and typing. And with this shift, I let the website take a back seat and go on a slight hiatus. 

All this to say, the site is not dead. I will continue to write and post and share my thoughts, with varying degrees of frequency depending on how much time and energy the “real life” projects take up. 

So stay tuned, and see you on the interwebs. Or maybe IRL. 

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